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Hay Roller

You will need...

10 cocktail sticks, foam board and PVA glue!

Step 1

Measure and cut out out 2 even circles from the foam board

Step 2

Cut out a paper template

Step 3

Draw a smaller circle

Step 4

Draw dots evenly around one of the circles

Step 5

Make holes through the paper template onto both foam board circles

Step 6

Get your 10 cocktail sticks and cut off any sharp ends!

Step 7

Use a small tool slightly smaller than the sticks to make the dots into holes.

Step 8

you can start glueing the holes (remember dont put too much glue on since we dont want the rabbits to eat it!)

Step 9

you can start glueing the cocktail sticks onto the dots. this is where you will glue the cocktail sticks

Step 10

you can glue on the other piece of foam board!

Then all you have to do is stuf hay in then give to your bunnie!